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Graffiti / Garbage Cleanup

HOW TO REPORT Garbage & Graffiti Cleanup -You can make a difference- The City of Portland has programs that assist in the removal of garbage from encampments and graffiti from public spaces. Choose one of these options to report garbage because of a nearby encampment. Please pick just one option (not all three):

  • Call 311

  • PDX Reporter: Go to: and select "Campsite Reporting" from the main menu.

  • Calling Information & Referral: 503-823-4000

Filing a campsite report will automatically create a work assignment for Central City Concern’s Clean Start crew to come by and assist with garbage removal. This crew has lived experience, and they will not remove anything identified as personal property. Graffiti removal:

  • PDX Reporter: Go to: and select “Graffiti” from the main menu.

  • We suggest taking a picture, then go through the website.

  • Be sure to use for any graffiti on official street signs, do not remove it yourself, you could damage the reflective film on the sign.

  • Graffiti may only be removed from the surfaces designated on the visual guide provided by the Graffiti Removal Program. Do not attempt removals on the sidewalk or ground.

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