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Graffiti / Garbage Cleanup

In addition to the monthly "Delitter Arbor Lodge" events where neighbors partner with SOVLE to help clean up litter in the neighborhood, there are other resources available to help.

Garbage Removal

Camp-related Trash

For trash removal related to camps, file a campsite report. This will automatically create a work assignment for Central City Concern's Clean Start crew to come by and assist with garbage removal. This crew has lived experience, and they will not remove anything identified as personal property.

Choose one of these options to report garbage because of a nearby encampment:

  • Call 311

  • PDX Reporter: Go to: and select "Campsite Reporting" from the main menu.

  • Calling Information & Referral: 503-823-4000

Other Illegal Dumping

For other illegal dumping in public spaces (not related to camps):

Residential Trash Removal

For your residential trash removal:

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti You Discover

If you discover graffiti in the neighborhood, please take a picture and report it. Note: Do not attempt to remove graffiti from official street signs as it may damage the reflective film on the sign.

Graffiti on Your Business or Property

If your business or property is tagged with graffiti

If you don't qualify for city assistance, consider using a paid contractor for graffiti removal:

  • Portland United Graffiti Removal: Call at 503-764-8355

  • Portland Graffiti Removal: Reach out to them at 971-678-5249

  • Graffiti Removal Services: Contact them at 916-233-7739

Small Business Repair Grants

The Local Small Business Repair Grants program offers emergency funding support of up to $10,000 to local small businesses in the city that have suffered physical damage due to vandalism, such as broken windows, graffiti, or sign damage. These grants aim to help eligible businesses stay open and contribute to a better street environment. Prosper Portland administers the grants on a reimbursement basis with no matching requirement.

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