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Thank You for Another Great Arbor Lodge Fruit Tree Giveaway

Thank you to all who showed up and claimed your reserved trees and blueberry bushes Saturday at Arbor Lodge Park.  And, thank you to the very patient people who signed up for any leftovers, and came back and took those plants to good homes.

Altogether we distributed 66 trees and 51 blueberry bushes.   More green in our community, hurray!

*** We do have 2 trees left, both special.  We have 1 Oregon White Oak, Quercus garryanna, and 1 Madrone, Arbutus menzeisii.  

  • The Oregon White Oak needs lots of space, full, sun, and a patient home owner.   This slow growing tree is a habitat champion.   It can and will live up to 300 years in our area.  It can grow to 90' tall and 50' wide at maturity, which is 50+ years of age.  

  • The Madrone can be a finicky tree.  It needs full sun and some slope for drainage. It may also benefit from some mycorrhizae or fungus in the soil where planted.  We have harvested some soil from a group of mature Madrones to try to help this new one grow.

If you think either one of these special trees is for you, please contact the Arbor Lodge Tree Team at we will give to the first person asking for each.

Thanks for supporting our efforts to "green up" north Portland.

Your Arbor Lodge Tree Team