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Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Public Meeting: Thursday, May 18, 7pm-8:30pm

Join us for our monthly Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association (ALNA) meeting

We’re excited to let you know that Representative Travis Nelson (District 44) will be joining us for this meeting.

Topics include:

  • Legislative updates from Representative Travis Nelson

  • Neighborhood Safety Brainstorm

  • Arbor Lodge Park Cleanup 5/20

  • I5/Lombard Focus Group update

  • Red Barn Issues

  • Committee Updates


6:45pm Zoom meeting opens – INFORMAL (15 minutes)

----Official Meeting-----

  • 7:00pm Welcome, introductions (3 minutes)

  • 7:03pm Ground rules (1 minute)

Ground Rules:

  • Stay engaged

  • Speak your truth

  •  Be with your discomfort

  • Expect and accept non closure

  • Keep mics on mute

  • I may have to cut people off in the interest of time, keeping with the schedule, and allowing fullest participation

  • Please only one person speaking at once for closed captioning and accessibility 

  • Share any extra questions in chat

  • Does everyone agree?

7:05pm Arbor Lodge Shelter Update (10 minutes) - Daniel Hovanas from Do Good Multnomah

7:15pm Guest: Representative Travis Nelson (District 44) will be joining us to provide legislative updates 

7:50pm 1-5/Lombard Focus Group - Katie MacKenzie

8:00 pm Discussion and Brainstorming Building Community and Community Safety (follow up to survey) - Kevin Micalizzi

8:10pm Committee / Board / Last Minute Updates (25 minutes)

  • NPNS

  • Treasurer

  • Parks - vacant position 

  • Transportation - vacant position

  • General Announcements 

    • Community Allocations Funds were approved for $647.90

    • TJ McHugh and Comm. Ryan are working to set up a meeting for NA’s and nonprofits in North Portland to talk about how things are going. Looking for a date in June that would work to meet. 

  • Land Use

    • 6316-6346 N Maryland Presentation, TBD

  • Clean Air - vacant position 

  • Tree Team

  • Neighborhood Emergency Team - vacant position

  • Outreach / communication 

    • New Arbor Lodge Events Calendar launched

8:30pm End of meeting