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Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Public Meeting: Thursday, August 17, 7pm-8:30pm

Join us for our monthly Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association (ALNA) meeting

Topics Include

  • Arbor Lodge Shelter updates

  • Jazz in Arbor Lodge Park, September 9

  • Neighborhood clean up

  • Open board positions

  • Critical Energy Infrastructure

  • Safety


6:45pm Zoom meeting opens – INFORMAL (15 minutes)

----Official Meeting-----

  • 7:00pm Welcome, introductions (3 minutes)

  • 7:03pm Ground rules (1 minute)

Ground Rules:

  • Stay engaged

  • Speak your truth

  •  Be with your discomfort

  • Expect and accept non closure

  • Keep mics on mute

  • I may have to cut people off in the interest of time, keeping with the schedule, and allowing fullest participation

  • Please only one person speaking at once for closed captioning and accessibility 

  • Share any extra questions in chat

  • Does everyone agree?

7:05pm Arbor Lodge Shelter Update (10 minutes) - Daniel Hovanas 

7:15pm Jazz in the Park (10 minutes)

  • Budget & Fundraising 

  • Volunteers from the board/community 

  • Review event items needed 

  • Local non profits to partner with

  • Flyers

7:25pm Large Waste Mgt/Recycling Event September 30th  - with Overlook and Kenton 

7:35pm Planning personal safety training session & security program details (15 minutes)

  • Community discussion on safety concerns (if time permits)

7:50pm Open Board Positions: Nominations & Elections (5 minutes)

7:55pm Vote on CEI Letter (5 minutes)

8:00pm Committee / Board / Last Minute Updates (20 minutes)

  • NPNS

  • Treasurer

    • Review and Approve Budget 

  • Parks 

    • We have some dates for our fall park events! Will share during the meeting and post to website and social media

  • Transportation - vacant position

  • General Announcements 

    • Community Allocations Funds were approved for $647.90

    • Aug 20: Delitter Arbor Lodge. Keep Arbor Lodge looking good & meet neighbors! Meet at Arbor Beer Lodge (6550 N Interstate), 10am-12pm

  • Land Use

  • Clean Air - vacant position 

  • Tree Team

    • Sparrowhawk Natives Plant Sale October 20th, and 21st, with prep work the afternoon of October 19th

  • Neighborhood Emergency Team - vacant position

  • Outreach / communication 

    • Change in lead for communications - Thanks to Caitlin for her time supporting the board with communications, and thank you to Kevin for stepping into this role 

8:30pm End of meeting