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Order native plants to support the Arbor Lodge Tree Team

Your native plant purchase helps provide free trees

Every year the Arbor Lodge Tree Team provides free fruit trees and blueberry bushes to Arbor Lodge residents in the Brian Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree Giveaway. To help make sure the Tree Team can purchase enough trees for the neighborhood, this year they’ve partnered with Sparrowhawk Natives for a native plant sale.

How it Works

  1. Order on the web site before September 17, 2023

  2. Choose North Portland as your pickup location (to benefit Arbor Lodge)

  3. Your order will be ready for pickup the weekend of October, 20-21, 2023

If you notice any of the species of plants you’re interested in are sold out, just check back in a few days. Sparrowhawk Natives is constantly updating their inventory to match the needs of the neighborhood.