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Update: January 25th 2022

Arbor Lodge Shelter update:  January 25, 2022

Sara Newcom, Arbor Lodge Shelter Manager, updated us at the Jan 18th ALNA meeting.

The Shelter remains at capacity, 70 beds overall.  58 are inside the building, and 12 in the small pods in the parking lot.   Two (2) persons moved on to more permanent housing this week, opening up beds.  The wait list is now 300 long.  But, that number is fungible.  People may have moved into housing and not removed themselves from the list.  Anyone without an address or phone must check in weekly at the Shelter to remain on the waitlist.  

Thank you to all who brought books.  So many books were donated, they now could use a 2nd bookshelf.

What do they need now?

*. underwear for men and women, socks and still a few warm coats, hats

* snacks like nuts, power bars, etc.

*. peanut butter and jelly, regular butter

*.a 2nd bookshelf

They now serve two (2) hot meals a day and use the snacks to supplement, or if someone is out and misses a meal.  

You can go to the Shelter anytime between 8am and 8pm to donate.  Just drive in and park, walk to the old Rite Aid front door (by the corner of the building facing Lombard) and someone will be just inside to accept your donation and thank you.  Please wear a mask.

Plans to remodel are still in progress, they hope to start the work this summer.  They plan to move residents to other shelters when that happens. 

Thank you again Arbor Lodge for caring for our houseless neighbors.