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Update: January 25th 2022

 Annual Brian Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree Giveaway

March 5th, 11-1, Arbor Lodge Park (SE corner)

This is our 4th year (time off for COVID) offering FREE Fruit Trees, Blueberry bushes, and this year, 2 Trees for Birds.  All are free.  We do this to honor Brian Duncan, to remember his legacy of building community; and we hope through giving away and planting trees in Arbor Lodge, we continue to connect us and further build our community.

To reserve your tree, go to:

click on the Fruit Tree Giveaway at the top, and fill out the form.

Trees and bushes will be available on Saturday, March 5th between 11-1.   Any plants not claimed by those who reserved them by 1pm will be given away on a 1st come 1st to get basis.  The check in table will maintain a list of those wishing to claim a leftover plant starting at 1:15.

Let's keep the blooms and fruit growing in Arbor Lodge.  Together we can learn to grow better, and get to know each other too.