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Are you a Tree Inventory Volunteer? Find out...

Arbor Lodge is conducting a tree inventory this summer, and we need help! Training is provided, and no previous tree knowledge is necessary.

What does a tree inventory volunteer look like? Glad you asked:

  • They like to explore the nooks-n-crannies of Arbor Lodge as never before.

  • They're interested in learning the basic skills needed to identify local tree species...and getting to practice with the help of knowledgeable coaches.

  • They want to meet new people in the neighborhood - connect with the community, make new friends. They also want to feel good about doing a good turn for the City and their neighborhood.

  • They invest in the future; a complete street tree inventory is essential to planning for and improving the local urban forest.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Help us spread the word and please, sign up for the first training, March 16th, 9am-noon, HERE.