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Act Now (again) to save walkability in Arbor Lodge neighborhood


Thank you for your previous testimony about the Design Overlay Zoning Amendments (DOZA), City Council is now considering a requirement for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge, but we are not done yet.  Please once again take a couple minutes to support this NEWLY PROPOSED amendment and provide NEW testimony here: is Thursday June 10 at 4:00pm

If you’re looking for suggestions on what to say, here are two:

Option 1: Copy/paste into the online testimony app the following: “Please vote yes to include proposed amendment #7 for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge!”

Option 2: Review the proposed amendments and background information from the last public hearing, and expand your comments to include your unique perspective for supporting ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge (amendment #7) and other aspects of DOZA.  

Additional information:

  • Proposed amendment #7 would require at least 25% ground floor active use space for development of parcels on N Interstate zoned for Commercial Mixed Use between N Ainsworth and N Lombard.

  • Explanatory note:  While our original ask was to apply the Centers Main Streets m-overlay where the Design d-overlay already exists, it is the 25% ground floor active use requirement of the m-overlay that we really wanted and now being proposed - this is good.

  • It is critical we see this change now before more spaces are lost.  We will be adding 1000s of new residents in the next few years.  Residential development just-off N Interstate in Arbor Lodge (e.g., N Greenwich, N Maryland, N Montana) is far outpacing housing development in surrounding neighborhoods with the m-overlay, and development on N Interstate in Arbor Lodge is happening without a requirement for ground floor active use (e.g., the ARLO apartments where the bowling alley used to be, the Zelkova apartments at N Dekum, and the Nite Hawk is for sale).

  • This change will preserve places to walk to and support increased housing intended for car-less community members (ref: apartments with no parking, decreased on-street parking) 

  • On June 10 at 2pm is the City Council hearing for testimony before they vote to adopt the proposed amendments, a member of the ALNA Land Use committee will be providing virtual "in person" testimony to show our support for a yes vote.

  • See here for a map illustrating the need for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

E-mail the ALNA Land Use Committee at

See this information and more by visiting our website: Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association