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Save the date and maybe, donate: Chief Joseph School Auction

Several Board members and neighbors attended the Chief Joseph School Auction last year and had a blast! Mark your calendar because this year's auction date is set for April 26th at Castaway. We will post details here when ticket sales go online.

If you or your business would like to purchase ad space in their program (we do this - it's great exposure for a good cause), want to donate an item to the auction itself, or just want more details, contact auction{at}chiefjoepta{dot}org.

With the proposed merging of our two neighborhood schools, Chief Joseph and Ockley Green, it's an even better time to show your support for the families that make up our neighborhood! Chief Joeseph PTA says that if the two schools do merge, the proceeds from the auction will be spread across both campuses.


Comp Plan Public Workshop

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your opinions about the long-range planning of our wonderful city?  There is a workshop scheduled in our area coming up very soon.  Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5:30 - 8:30 PM

De La Salle High School


What do you think about the Police Bureau?

The Portland Police Bureau is asking interested neighbors to fill out a survey about police participation and communication, writing, "The survey itself is available online at, and should take about 20-25 minutes to complete.  The survey asks questions about the demographics of our association, the specific participation of police with the Arbor Lodge neighborhood, and what kind of interactions with the police bureau you would like to see. Even if you have had limited or no involvement with the police bureau we would still ask you to take the survey, as the information about the lack of outreach from the bureau is important to us"


Position Statement: Jefferson Cluster Enrollment Balancing

The text below is ALNA's position on the Superintendent's recommendation to the PPS School Board regarding Chief Joseph and Ockley Green schools. Maybe see some of your neighbors at the public hearing at Jefferson High School Cafeteria today from 10am-noon, or on Monday evening at the School Board meeting!

Dear Superintendent Smith and Members of the Board:

Arbor Lodge contains campuses for two thriving school communities: Chief Joseph and Ockley Green. As representatives of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood, we are compelled to comment on Superintendent Smith’s recommendations for the Jefferson Cluster. We have held meetings with our board, our neighbors, and most recently, hosted an open forum with over 40 Ockley Green and Chief Joseph parents and community members to discuss the future of our neighborhood schools. After months of engaging our community, we are deeply concerned at direction the school board is poised to take in Arbor Lodge.

North and northeast Portland have a sordid history with the Portland Public School system shuffling and restructuring schools all too often. In addition to a quality education, schools should provide a stable community for students. Gutting Ockley Green’s magnet and special education programs as well as eventual closure of Chief Joseph do just the opposite. Among the most affected by these changes are those that rely on school busing and students with special needs – in short, disadvantaged students who rely on school to develop their resilience.

Further, the demographics of our neighborhood are changing, and the number of families with school age children and children on the way are growing. Recent census data show that while there has been a drop in K-8 students in Arbor Lodge, there has been a 28.8% increase in adults ages 25 – 34, which strongly suggests a coming increase in school-age children. We urge in the strongest possible terms that the School Board not close the campus of either Ockley Green or Chief Joseph schools. We need a viable, livable and equitable solution for the future that takes into account coming changes in student population. The school board has already indicated that in three years, they will be reevaluating their transfer policy and enrollment across the district, meaning that these students and communities could be very soon disrupted again.

In the recently released background report for the upcoming Portland Plan, schools are identified as “central to community vitality, neighborhood identity and the well-being of all Portlanders.” (p. 8) The Plan also recognizes public schools as “multifunctional neighborhood anchors to serve local residents of all generations.”(p. 40) When families invest in a school, they also invest in local businesses, homes, parks and playgrounds. Families build ties as they volunteer in the neighborhood and as their children walk, bike and carpool together to school. Neighbors of all generations utilize SUN School programming at these campuses. These ties create a community destined to be more safe and resilient in the face of all kinds of challenges. We care deeply about the communities that are formed around these schools, as shown through our support of the new “Harper’s Playground,” a fully accessible playground adjacent to Chief Joseph, strengthening the school as a hub in our neighborhood. Superintendent Smith’s recommendation for the Jefferson Cluster threatens to cut our neighborhood anchors and scatter families to the wind, jeopardizing our neighborhood ecosystem.

These schools are the heart of our neighborhood. Shutting the doors to either continues a sad history plaguing our community for decades. We demand that Portland Public Schools put a stop to hasty closures until they can develop viable, equitable long-term solutions. Now is the time to change history and prove to the citizens of north and northeast Portland that instead of expecting to continually feel the brunt of budget cuts, we will see that burden shared equitably district-wide.Sincerely,

Katy Asher, Chairon behalf of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Board of Directors:Ginger Edwards, Gavin Hamilton, Steph Lanning, AlexSandra, Katie Chastain,Brian Edelschick, Bob Meehan, Sharon Parker and Nate Young

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